NASA placed DSCOVR in orbit around the L1 point, a far away orbit from Earth, that provides definite advantages, including the quality of the solar wind observations. Image Credit: NOAA

NASA launched a new site this Monday where anyone and everyone can have a look at Earth from space, with new images updated every day.

These photos of Earth have been taken by the space observatory DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) from an orbit of 1,5 million kilometers above the Earth.

DSCOVR was launched on the 11th of February 2015 with a missing to keep an eye on the sun and its surface activity, to possibly provide us with an early warning if a sudden solar storm would erupt and then threaten electrical installations on Earth and particularly those satellites in orbit.

But the DSCOVR also keep a watchful eye on Earth, providing scientists with data concerning changes in the ozone layer, cloud variations, volcanic eruptions and climate variations over time.

And doing so, it takes photos of Earth on a continues basis, every day, photos you are now able to see. Seeing amazingly beautiful cloud formations that sweep the planet and truly eye-catching tropical storms.

Hit the link below to see today’s photos of Earth.