The Duke University Whole Body Dermascope simultaneously photographs a 2 meter tall individual to 75-micron resolution and search for skin cancer. Credit: Lauren Bange of Duke University

The picture to the left shows a newly developed camera by researchers at Duke University.

The camera features a lens as usual, but also a whole heap of sensor technology which enables it to capture what’s in front of the lens in 250 megapixels.

The lens is also designed with a very wide-angle, allowing it to capture its focus object at a very short distance. Able to photograph a whole person from head to toe.

The scientists have developed this camera to help spot skin cancer. Since the doctors photograph and then analyze different parts of the body very quickly using the high-resolution images generated by the camera.

Credit: Frontiers in Optics

The researchers behind the camera also developed an algorithm that automatically searches the images for early traces of skin cancer, This helps the doctors to know where to look more carefully, which further speeds up the process.

The camera will now go through clinical trials. If proves successful, it could possibly make the technology available for use with routine patients in the future. Preliminary tests and research have shown it’s effective enough to screen for skin diseases.

The Skin Cancer Selfie