Image credit: Jason Bachman / Flickr

A substance in broccoli may be able to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun. These UV rays are otherwise associated with the possibility of skin cancer and do also accelerate aging of the skin.

Research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, has indicated in both humans and mice that a substance in broccoli protects the skin with lessened inflammation and with less cell damage as a result.

The substance in broccoli was first tested on mice but after good results, they have also made experiments on humans. Volunteers were subjected to UV radiation in limited parts of the skin. And were given doses of the broccoli extract or a placebo.

The results indicated a strong correlation with less skin damage in the group with broccoli extract supplementation. The substance is believed to work with the cells by causing them to produce more of the enzymes that protect against UV damage.

The highest dose of the extract reduced inflammation and skin burns with an average of 37%. The extract also had a protective effect even when it was applied three days before the skin exposed to UV radiation. However, how large the protective effect was varied greatly between individuals. As the substance stimulates the skin’s natural protective effect, it thus as showed also persists for a long time, lasting several days and long after the extract was digested.

Broccoli Sprout-Derived Extract Protects Against Ultraviolet Radiation