The concept of how robots help to clean up a disaster area. Credit: DARPA


The latest price award aimed to create incentives for scientific research, breakthroughs, and progress comes from DARPA. The US Department of defense research department, “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency”.

DARPA have announced a competition for participating teams to present a functioning robot to be used in catastrophic emergencies.

This human-like robot is to be able to:

  • Sit in a vehicle and drive to the emergency area
  • Move raffle that is blocking the way
  • Open doors, climb a ladder and go over a footbridge
  • Using tools to go through a concrete wall
  • Finding and closing a leaking pipe
  • Changing mechanical parts

The competition is open for competitors all around the world, individuals, companies and universities. Registration is to be applied as of the last of may at the latest. The first phase begins in October then, 15 months of development, simulation and tests commence. The best contenders go forth to phase two, itself 12 months long.

DARPA is also the contractor for the now famous company in the robotic development, Boston Dynamics. Some of the projects developed at Boston Dynamics includes Petman and Bigdog.