Credit: Mark Newsham/University of Wollongong

Yes, you did read that headline correctly. This new invention from Australia is able to literary draw tissue and doctors may soon be able to repair bones using a pen in a hospital near you.

The pen was developed by researchers at the Wollongong University. They developed a 3D tissue printer and then inserted the technology into a device they call BioPen. The Biopen is able to draw new bone tissue by using a gel loaded with stem cells.

Click to enlarge a video showing the Biopen when being used.The custom-made and handheld BioPen will allow surgeons to repair damaged and diseased bone material by delivering live cells and growth factors directly to the site of injury, accelerating the regeneration of functional bone and cartilage.

The gel is based on seaweed and is being supplied to the pen by plastic tubing, and when used, a very thin layer of gel and stem cells are printed onto the damaged bone tissue. It is then sealed using ultraviolet light from a small lamp and the stem cells can begin to do their thing.

The next step is to undergo a series of clinical trials, but the technology is indeed very promising. In the future, the concept could enable doctors to create other forms of tissue, such as damaged muscles, tendons or skin.

Check out the clip to the right for more on this amazing technology.

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