Nausea can be extremely unpleasant and for many the case when going by car or boat. But a new method may change that. Credit: Sarah / Flickr

It may soon be possible to cure motion sickness by using a simple tool providing electrical stimulation.

British researchers have developed and successfully tested this new method with promising results.

Motion sickness is indeed a problem for many, as trips by car and perhaps especially by boat, can lead to nausea and even vomiting.

According to a new study published by researchers at Imperial College in London – there is now a potential cure.

Since motion sickness is due to signals sent by your sense of balance located in the inner ear, the idea is to use a weak electric current to dampen these signals.

Spinning test chair at the Imperial College London.

The test subjects sat in a spinning chair with electrodes connected to the region where the sense of balance is located. Those that received a weak current equivalent to a 9 Volt battery, experienced far fewer symptoms related to motion sickness.

The researchers now believe that the technology could be available to the public within five to ten years. Perhaps as a tool connected to your smartphone.

But the researchers note that it is not appropriate to subject the head with electrical stimulation for any longer periods of time.

“It is safe in small doses. The recommended use is no more than 30 minutes a day”, said Qadeer Ashrad, who is a doctor of neurology at Imperial College.

Check out the video clip below by the Imperial College London on this new therapy.


Electrocortical therapy for motion sickness