Credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg / Flickr
Credit: Sebastiaan Ter Burg / Flickr

Why are some people more charismatic than others? A new study claims that this question largely explained by some people being more quick-witted.

Quick is Attractive

The Australian study consisted of 417 people who were asked to answer general knowledge questions and solve different visual tasks.

It turned out that those who were quick with answers were the same people who were perceived as more charismatic by their friends. This, regardless of intelligence and personal qualities.

Being Able to Mask Mistakes

The researchers believe that part of the explanation may be due to social intelligence, that it is largely a question of an ability to quickly deal with various situations in everyday life, linking social ability, charisma, and quick thinking.

The researchers speculate that witty reactions can mask mistakes in different ways, using humor and a disarming charm.

Quick Thinkers Are Smooth Talkers