Green lines point to a shiny protuberance on rock imaged by the Curiosity rover on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL/CaltechMalin Space Science Systems. And 2di7 & titanio44 on Flickr

A couple of weeks ago we reported that MSL Curiosity had made the discovery of a little metal object on the red planet. That piece of metal was most probably from the robot itself, a screw or such that had come loose.

But now the rover robot has found another object, and this time we can certainly rule out that it is a piece of MSL, since it seems to be attached to a rock.

Visible in the image above and if hitting this full resolution image link, the object appears to have a high albedo, reflecting light and also projects a shadow on the rock below.

It has been suggested that the metal looking object is just some part of the rock that is less susceptible to erosion, or perhaps its visual trick of the light.

The object, which is only half a centimeter tall, was found by the Curiosity Rover on January 30th, 2013.

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