From the 2015 movie Ex Machina. Image: Universal Pictures
From the 2015 movie Ex Machina. Image: Universal Pictures

A large survey reveals that one in four young people in the UK would happily date a robot – as long as it looked like a real-life human being.

The survey is intended to make the public imagine the world in 2036. Besides imagining dating robots, it also included questions concerning microchip implants and meal replacement pills. It was also part of a promotion for FutureFest – a festival to excite and challenge perceptions of the future.

The survey consisted of 1,000 young adults aged between 18 and 34 years who were asked question about how they would relate to a possible future scenario of living in the year 2036.

  • A majority would rather go on a date with a robot than eating pills instead of food.
  • 26 percent responded that they would like to date a robot – with ONE SINGLE demand – that the mechanical date would resemble a real person. Essentially an android, seen in many science fiction productions, such as the Synthetic Lance Bishop in Alien, the Cylons in the new Battlestar Galactica or the replicants in Blade Runner.
  • 62 percent of the respondents say they cannot consider replacing real food with a pill.
  • 33 percent stand firm that tea will still be the most popular beverage in Britain in 2036.
  • 34 percent of respondents say they would not mind getting a microchip implanted by his employer if 100 percent privacy is guaranteed.
  • 50 percent who currently use cashless payment methods like the idea of implanting a chip that would enable them to easily pay in grocery stores, open mechanical doors or log in at work.
  • 66 percent of the men say they would be willing to try to have sex with a robot. But here there is a big difference between the sexes, 66 percent of women disagree. Although men and women didn’t see eye-to-eye about being intimate with a robot, the two did agree that it is more appropriate than hiring a human prostitute.

Tech me out: a quarter of young people would happily date a robot