Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has posted some photos on Twitter feed showing off the new BE-4 engine his space company Blue Origin has developed.

Blue Origin’s new BE-4 rocket engines has finally been fully assembled after 6 years of development. The company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, debuted the images via a series of tweets.

Seven BE-4 will be installed in the ‘New Glenn’ rocket, still on the drawing board. Just as Blue Origin’s current rocket ‘New Shepard’, New Glenn is a Vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) rocket, intended to take off vertically and land back on Earth, to be reused.

New Glenn will be much more powerful than New Shapard though, powerful enough to be able to ship material into Earth’s orbit.

Size comparison of the two New Glenn rockets, compared with some other presently used rockets (Antares, Soyuz, Ariane 5, Atlas V, Falcon 9 and the Delta IV Heavy) and some has been used (Saturn V) or will be (Vulcan and Falcon Heavy).

Blue Origin released the below clip today showing us New Glenn in action. The video was released in association with announcing French television operator Eutelsat as their first client. Blue Origin will put a new satellite into orbit with the help of the New Glenn rocket in 2021.