The Ugly Animal Preservation Society is dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children.

The organization Ugly Animal Preservation Society needed a mascot. They, therefore, started a competition for people to vote on the most suiting for the job, or rather “the ugliest animal”.

And the winner of the unofficial title of the world’s ugliest animal is the Blob Fish. It tops the list that also includes the huge nose proboscis monkey, the pig-nosed turtle and an amphibian known as a “scrotum frog”.

The Blobfish lives very at very deep depths, at about 600 and 1,200 m (2,000 and 3,900 feet) in most of the world’s oceans. This immense depth also hints to its looks as it is indeed practical and evolutionary adapted to the deep depth.

A gas bladders would be inefficient for maintaining buoyancy at this depth, so instead the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than water, allowing the fish to float above the sea floor without expending energy on swimming.

If it is rightly voted as the world’s ugliest animals? Well, judge for yourself.