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Venom… the word sends chills up your spine at the mere mention of it. And with good reason. Its aim is to incapacitate its victims and boy does it work a treat. What’s really interesting is that not all venoms are equal and not all work the same way. They’re as diverse as the animals that deliver it. From clotting blood, causing paralysis and destroying living cells. It’s a fascinating world that Assoc. Professor Jamie Seymour knows a thing or ten about, after all that’s his shtick. So given that he’s a fun-loving sharing kind of guy he given us a bit of a lesson, kind a like a venom 101 of his world (which is venomology and toxinology which are tricky words to say let alone spell) showing us how they work on their victims which sometimes include the human-kind, and the results are….. all sorts of awesome! He also sets us straight us straight on the difference venom and poison, which we will now be able to use with so much confidence, the world will think he has been cloned!