Credit: Boeing

You may think that the pictures above and to the left may look to be from the set of a science fiction movie, but then you would be wrong. These are pictures from a spacecraft currently in development by Boeing for NASA’s “Commercial Crew Development” program.

Credit: Boeing

These images show how the interior of their spacecraft CST-100 will look like when complete. The CST-100 is Boeing’s concept proposal to be possibly chosen by NASA and then enter production.

The idea is for the craft to be able to take astronauts to the International Space Station and also very rich “ordinary” people – space tourists – into space. The Boeing craft may also have another destination as Bigelow Aerospace plans to build a space station, the so-called Bigelow BA 330 commercial inflatable space habitat.

NASA will select one or two companies in August that is to deliver a spacecraft. Among the competitors we find, Blue Origin, Paragon Space Development Corporation, Sierra Nevada Corporation and United Launch Alliance.

If the choice would fall on Boeing, the company say that the first CST-100 could be complete and ready to be shot into space in 2017 already.

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