The International Space Station turned 20 a week ago and to celebrate this, ESA released this amazing video. Filmed by Alexander Gerst who has taken over 21,375 images of the Earth, compiled and speeded up 12.5 times the normal speed became a 15 minute-long movie where we travel around our planet. The ISS travels at 28,800 km / h, orbiting the planet in just 90 minutes.

Since the very first module Zarya launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on 20 November 1998, the International Space Station has delivered a whole new perspective on this planet we call home. Join us as we celebrate 20 years of international collaboration and research for the benefit of Earth with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s longest timelapse yet.

In just under 15 minutes, this clip takes you from Tunisia across Beijing and through Australia in two trips around the world. You can follow the Station’s location using the map at the top right-hand-side of the screen alongside annotations on the photos themselves.

This timelapse comprises approximately 21 375 images of Earth all captured by Alexander from the International Space Station and shown 12.5 times faster than actual speed.

Music is Orbital Horizons, an original composition by Los Angeles-based musician Matt Piper.