Our home from Luna. Credit: NASA

A newly started company called Golden Spike says that within a few years they will be able to offer trips to the Moon, for tourists to land and walk around.

The trip will be offered for two at a total cost of 750 million dollars. The idea is to travel to the moon with current rocket technology, but Golden Spike is to develop a moon lander and the space suits.

According to the company, the trip is to resemble riding a train, referring to that everything will be done from Earth for the tourists to sit back and relax.

NASA does encourage the idea and David Weave as a NASA spokesman writes, “This type of private sector effort is Further Evidence of the timeliness and wisdom of the Obama Administration’s overall space policy – to create an environment where commercial space companies can build upon NASA’s past successes, allowing the agency to focus on the new challenges of sending humans to an asteroid and Eventually in March. ”

The company has assembled a team of experienced advisers, with a board chaired by the former NASA Johnson Space Center director Gerry Griffin and former NASA employees. The board also includes former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who during the Republican primaries early this year said that as president he would establish a permanent moon base by 2021.

If everything goes as planned, the first trips will lift off in 2020.