Credit: Oscar Vinals

Oscar Viñals’ “Sky Whale” is a three-story enormous “Green” aircraft.

The airplane is the creation of the Spanish designer Oscar Vinals and is truly enormous. With a capacity of 755 passengers, it is bigger than an Airbus A380 and has a wingspan of 88 meters.

redit: Oscar Vinals

But even with its enormous size, the idea is for a lower fuel consumption, less noise and provide higher safety compared to present jetliners.

The concept plane would be built by advanced ceramic materials, such as composites and carbon nanotubes, that according to Vinals would give the plane self-repairing properties.

The passengers and fuselage are design to be separated at all time, as Vinals explains ‘The disposition of the wings and its architecture separates from the airplane’s fuselage like a security measure, that in a hypothetical fatal case of an emergency landing, these could auto-break up to reduce the damage to the passengers section.”

The windows and wings are covered by photovoltaic cells to provide solar power and extra energy when soaring above the clouds or when waiting on the ground at the airport.

Credit: Oscar Vinals

Its wings are denoted by Vinals to be “active wings” with a combined effect of several technologies to reduce drag, fuel consumption, and weight, making it one of the “greenest aircraft imaginable.”

The plane is also mounted with four hybrid engines that can run on fuel or electricity. They can also be aligned at a 45-degree angle to enable the aircraft to do very short takeoffs – potentially making the aircraft able to take-off and land on more airports around the world.