Model design. Credit: MARINTEK

A new ship design developed by Norwegian researchers actively fights waves and remains stable even during the most extreme situations and stormy seas. The ship has been developed by MARINTEK (the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute) in collaboration with the Norwegian company Salt Ship Design.

Seasickness is would be a thing of the past if this Norwegian ship design becomes a reality. The technology is called the U-tank and is presently being developed. The design is proven effective on models and a real size ship will soon begin construction and is to be launched in 2015, to sail the North Sea.

The U-shaped tank is like the name foretells, a tank built like a U. It is implemented into the hull and when waves hit the ship, sensors register the impact and immediately operates valves to blow air into the appropriate section of the tank.

When a wave hits the right side, air is pumped into the left side and vice versa. This offsets the impacts with opposing force on the corresponding side of the tank.

The design have been tested on a model, which you can seen in this clip.

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