The atmosphere of Mars taken from low orbit by the Viking probe. Credit: Nasa.


An Yin, professor of Geology at the Department of Earth and space sciences at UCLA, has made the discovery of what seems to be tectonic plates on Mars. By analyzing over 100 images taken by the NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft and HiRISE camera, professor An Yin has made the discovery of tectonic activity on this alien planet, making Mars a little more like Earth.

This is indeed a remarkable finding if it would prove accurate. Since it would imply that Earth is not alone in the solar system with tectonic plates, as thought. An Yin comments the finding, “When I studied the satellite images from Mars, Many of the features looked very much like fault systems I have seen in the Himalayas and Tibet, and in California as well, Including the Geomorphology … March is at a primitive stage of plate tectonics. It is given us a glimpse of how the early Earth May has looked and may help us understandings how plate tectonics on Earth Began. ”

View of the Mars’s Valles Marineris. Credit: Google.

An’s discovery may explain why the Mariner Valleys exist, as this is something researchers have long tried to understand. This valley has moved approximately 150 kilometers horizontally relative to each other. The California’s San Andreas Fault has moved about twice as much in comparison, this is natural however since Earth is about twice the size of Mars.

An also believes that there have been earthquakes on Mars, but how violent these have been being too early to say. An’s hypothesis is that there are two plates on Mars, in comparison to Earths seven.