Mercedes-Benz F015 – “Luxury in Motion”. Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes present their driver-less autonomous car at the Consumer Electronics Show and make the Google equivalent resemble a toy.

The German car giant Daimler presented the concept F015 at the electronics show in Las Vegas and it is indeed a spectacular concept of luxury for the future.

CES in Las Vegas has slowly morphed over the years to also become a playground for the international auto industry to showcase what their cars and what they have to do with an electronics show.

And let’s be honest, cars have during the last two decades become more and more relevant to be associated with CES. When a repair shop job some decades ago implied that your average Joe mechanic had to pass an engineering apprenticeship, today it increasingly necessitates an academic degree in computer electronics. As many problems must be handled by the car maker instead of Joe the mechanic.

Last year’s topic for car makers was infotainment, “information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment content in an effort to enhance popularity with audiences and consumers”, in short hardware or software that enhance driver and/or passenger experience.

This year, Daimler takes a bold step in presenting their autonomous, fuel cell powered Mercedes concept. Described as an oasis in a bustling city life. As the Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetschei said during his presentation; “The car keeps on growing in its role as a pure transport to become a mobile living room”. And Mercedes actually calls the cabin “lounge-like,” thanks to four rotating seats that can face each other.

The concept car is now also presented on the Daimler website And it certainly features a lot of new technology, with eye and gesture control for instrument panel functions, safety electronics that alert pedestrians and warns other cars with light signals.

The car’s main propulsion is as mentioned hydrogen fuel cells, but it also features researchable batteries and electric propulsion.

Daimler calls the system “F-Cell Plug-in-Hybrid” and the driving range for the car is 1,000 kilometers for which 200 of these are purely battery powered propulsion.

F015 Concept Car Presentation